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About LaunchBrightly

You can use our Web App to set up an automated process that continually takes on-brand and beautifully styled screenshots of all your SaaS product features — on desktop, mobile, dark mode, localized, etc. As you update your product, we automatically update all images and sync them with your Help Center.

Our application relies on a set of clever APIs that you also get access to as a user of our platform. They fall into two categories.

Product Screenshots API

The LaunchBrightly Product Screenshots API is designed to capture screenshots from password-protected web applications specifically for use in knowledge base articles. The API includes features such as setting up login profiles, rendering pages in different modes, removing unwanted elements, executing automated input actions to set up specific states, capturing screenshots of page sections, styling the output image, annotating images, and requesting bulk screenshots that can be saved directly to your cloud.

Help Center Sync API

The LaunchBrightly Help Center Sync API provides two main services for knowledge base management, which are extracting images from the Help Center (importing) and syncing all Product Screenshot across all articles in your Help Center